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Looking for a website that will meet the sellers and buyers needs. Want to stand out ahead of the rest take a look at what we have designed for you.

 Risk-Free Real Estate Website Design

Pay nothing upfront - We design it now - You pay later!

NO DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED. A typical web design company will ask for a deposit to the value of 50 percent of the website design cost  but we are prepared to risk our time and effort in creating your website without asking for a single cent before we start. If at any stage you are not happy with our level of service, you are under no obligation to compensate us and are free to walk away. So why not contact us today, you really do have nothing to lose!

Real Estate Agency websites set up from as little as $950 with a monthly hosting service fee of only $165. A custom designed real estate site costings range between $1,950 to $3,500 plus hosting and domain charges.

Call +61 2 8858 9800 and ask for Warren Campion for a free open discussion about your needs and what iWON Data websites can provide your business.

Website design can be quite a daunting and expensive business, especially if you have little or no experience with the internet. The number of website design companies in Australia let alone the world is massive and the cost of website design can vary greatly depending on the type of design package you choose.

iWON Data Systems offer a competitively priced website design service, aimed purely at the real estate industry and salespeople who do not have large marketing budgets at their disposal. We constantly strive to make sure we give you the best price possible for website design services.

Display each team and each selling area the right way.

Feeding offices for all states in dozens of locations. Quick, easy and effective.

We pride ourselves on our low cost website design. We believe your time is better spent concentrating on the look of your website rather than on the price. That is why we constantly review our prices to make sure they are among the most competitive you will find.

Every website is different, so giving an exact price guide for our services is difficult. When working out a price, we judge each website individually. All prices are negotiable.

Below is a rough price guide:

  • Static Web Pages (consisting of text and up to 2 images) - 1st page $75, thereafter $88 per page
  • Animated flash intro page - $100
  • Onscreen form asking visitors for a name, telephone, email, and comments - $35
  • Search engine registration - Free
  • Domain name registration (eg. www. your-company-name .co.uk) - $50
  • Webhosting (rental for the space on the internet where your website resides) - $165 per month
  • PDF printable version of your website - $50 per page
  • Updates and Alterations - $88 per hour's work

Please note: No deposit is required. We start work on your website straight away without asking you for a single penny upfront. If you are not happy with the way things are going, you are not obligated to us in anyway and are free to walk away having lost nothing and parted with no money. Other web design companies typically require a non-refundable deposit of up to 50 per cent of the value of the job before they start work.

 Please call +61 2 8850 9800 or email support@iwondata.com for access to different layouts and designs to meet your requirements.