iWON Data Systems
The Interactive Web Office Network is a system designed by real estate people for the real estate agency wanting to take control of sales, listings and the potential clients in their selling area.With iWON you have the capability to get ahead of the competition and stay there. Simplicity at its best!
We call it fishing upstream...

This is a system that has been developed for the Real Estate Industry in Australia for our market place and customised for each state. A web based designed database looking after, recording and being proactive in the five major areas of an agency; the agencies current listings, future prospects, property buyers, company's private web sites and all coming together into an office multi-layer diary.Real Training International, a developing partner of this systemised program, has organised for Peter's strategies, customer service and business plan to be interwoven into this system. Providing a comprehensive multifunctional office database for the businessman developing a super office or salespeople wanting to gain leverage with both being given greater control, flexibility and freedom.Simplicity and flexibility have been our two driving aims in developing iWON. As the name implies it is a totally web based system. Giving benefits that allow you and your sales force to work and be informed on any sales related matter without the constraints of the office walls or operating hours, and allowing quick, economical ways of mass contacting your clients via email or text messaging within the system.

The i advantages are...WON
  • Access from any web point in the world.
  • Sales team, support staff and PA's working in different locations while having one common communication and data source.
  • Text communications via email and mobile phones.
  • Live interaction with company's private web sites.
  • No loading of new software or updates onto each computer.
  • Cross matching data searches; buyer to properties, properties to buyers
  • Auto generated office reports and statistics.
  • Adding or removal of staff from the system within 60 seconds.
  • Three different access levels; Office Managers, Administration & Sales team.
All this, plus more, in a secure environment with the added benefit of programmed data back up systems.Freedom comes from knowing what is going on wherever you are.