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Winning the Race Date Added: 17/02/2009

Many times when speaking with sales people I ask;

  • Do you work a client base?
  • Have you worked a farm area?
  • Do you do door knocking?
  • So often the reply I get is “oh yes I tried that but it did not work”.

Real estate is not an instant gratification business. It’s no good trying something once or twice and then giving up because you do not get instant results. Much of the work you put in today may not reap fruit for you for many weeks or even months.
With any worthwhile prospecting it needs a dedicated plan that is adhered to. Consistency and persistency is the key here.

I remember a meeting we once had in our office when Peter one of our top sales people was going to give a presentation on what he was doing in terms of prospecting. Nearly every one turned up to hear what it was that Peter did that made him so successful. What they heard was he was just doing all the activities they knew they should have been doing. The big difference was he had a plan that he worked consistently and hardly ever diverted from.
He also made the comment that when he first started his prospecting plan he would spend up to 40% of each day prospecting. In his words “It really was easy. After a while it is just like brushing your teeth. It’s just something I do every day.”
So what does your plan look like? How much time are you really spending looking for new business? Or are you just hoping it will all happen by magic and walk through the door.
You may have heard us say “How did the magician get that rabbit in the hat”? The answer is he put it there in the first place.

Do the little things that every one else says they do, but do then consistently. 
If you are having trouble keeping on track send me an email and we will see if we can oraganise to place you on our achievement program.
Now how about just calling 10 people from your contacts and 10 buyers from the weekend and asking “when are you thinking of selling and how can I be of assistant currently?”
Let’s just do it!!!

Warren Campion