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SO you are NEW! Date Added: 17/02/2009

Where do you START?

The first thing to realise is that you don’t know anything. Getting started by getting out there and doing it just will not work. Following someone around that has done it for several years is a start, but it won’t do it either.

You have no track record and in a lot of cases the training you have is insufficient to get you to where you want to go. The first real step to success is to get IT!
IT is the knowledge and confidence required to go out into the market place and perform.
How you get IT:
  •  Decide who will provide you with the right information; then buy it or sign on for it.
  •  Learn that information 100%. Not 98% but 100%. Take the time to do that.
  •  Don’t go on caravan. Don’t take buyers out. Don’t do any paperwork until you know the words.
Just learn - IT.
If it takes you 3 weeks away from the office then do it. It will be the best pre work you can do. If you have no idea where to get that info then email us at Real Training (support@realtraining.com.au) and we will give you options.
Role play the full listing presentation until you have it. You can do role play on your own if no one else will help. Just get the scripts and dialogues and read the question to yourself and then answer it. Or find a partner, go into hiding and do it over and over again. Do it dozens of times until you can do a presentation and answer the objections in your sleep.
Practice, practice and practice. Never stop this. Once you have it put practice time in your diary for each week where you go over it all again, adding new scripts to what you already know.
Warren Campion