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People & Technology

  Why is it people always fear technology and in the sales arena treat it as a threat to sales and in fact link it to a reduction in sales? From the research we have undertaken the results show the lack of training and the "we can work it out" attitude is the primary cause of technology distractions and loss of focus on dollar productive activities, then the new technology device. An invisible capital cost is reducing the return on many capital outlays when real estate offices upgrade e ...Read Full Article

Electronic Marketing Frontier

    The Real Estate industry has been drawn kicking and screaming to today's medium of Marketing due to expectation and global awareness of product knowledge given to all consumers from national retailers exposed through systemisation of the paper, web and flyer distribution houses that plague our waking public awareness.   Gone are the days of giving little and expecting the consumer to buy on our say so, gone are the days of 1 property photo, no dwelling or land details or heaven he ...Read Full Article

Colours of Life

  Last year I was sitting in a seminar and the speaker was talking about the colours of business. He had linked a different colour to the three major areas we work in; Admin (Red), Sales (Blue) and Business Development (Black). The concepts of business being done on three levels I was in tune with and what each did and where growth was, but had never thought of putting them into colours. Quite often great ideas are simple things. So I went out to buy an interchangeable colour pen. My idea was I w ...Read Full Article

SO you are NEW!

  Where do you START? The first thing to realise is that you don’t know anything. Getting started by getting out there and doing it just will not work. Following someone around that has done it for several years is a start, but it won’t do it either.   You have no track record and in a lot of cases the training you have is insufficient to get you to where you want to go. The first real step to success is to get IT!   IT is the knowledge and confidence required to go out ...Read Full Article

Winning the Race

  Many times when speaking with sales people I ask; Do you work a client base? Have you worked a farm area? Do you do door knocking? So often the reply I get is “oh yes I tried that but it did not work”. Real estate is not an instant gratification business. It’s no good trying something once or twice and then giving up because you do not get instant results. Much of the work you put in today may not reap fruit for you for many weeks o ...Read Full Article