iWON Data Systems

Who is iWON Data Systems?

iWON Data Systems Pty Ltd is a company driven to provide cost effective global Internet marketing and database solutions for the real estate industry.

We develop web based solutions for:

  • Agency Sales Management Databases 
  • Real Estate Agency Websites
  • Single Property Websites
  • National Websites
  • Personal Websites
  • Website portal upload management
  • Personal Profile and E-Marketing Systems
  • Network or Franchise reporting and intranet system
  • Email Hosting, Domain Administration and Set ups
  • Sms, Email, MMS communication systems
  • Organic On-line Training Programs 
  • On-line CRM Systems

iWON Data Systems has three major sections with in its organisation:

  1. System design and development,
  2. Client  support and product training,
  3. Company coaching and technology consulting.

Our Vision is based On two thoughts:

ONE: Customers and clients compare us to global retail product sellers. They know what they want, they know what information they want to be given and how they should be communicated with.

TWO: New business systems should do more for less and act quicker and in an intuitive way. Both Managers and Salespeople run the risk of becoming tired, stressed and burnt out which affects the work they do.

The answer to this is in two parts:

  1. Systems. From prospecting to presentation. From a business plan that sets out what it is you want for your client base marketing and customer service. All are systemised within iWON Data. A systems which is one of the best web based platforms used in the real estate Industry.

  2. Balance. Flexibility, freedom and cost effective methods or reduce your outgoings.

A complete set of real estate systems that answer the needs of salespeople and real estate office owners. Delivering the right information to our clients; the buyers and sellers of real estate. For information on what iWON data can provide for all your real estate needs call +61 419 00 99 55 or email support@iwondata.com